IBBR is proudly and gratefully giving our valued supporters world-wide an opportunity to participate in a one time raffle for 4 beautiful hand made bear quilts made especially for IBBR by long time friend to bears and IBBR supporter Charlotte Heldstab.

Charlotte designed and made these quilts especially for IBBR to help care for our bears. These quilts are so special and unique that anyone would be honored to have one. My grandmother made quilts for all of her grandchildren. I treasured mine for years so I can personally say these quilts are ones you will treasure and hand down to family members to enjoy for years to come. To make them even more special, bear caretaker, Amy took the quilts out to the bear enclosure and took pictures. Since the bears saw them and let us leave with the quilts, we can also say the quilts are “Bear Approved”!

We will also be including a 4th quilt donated by Kay Lovell. While it is difficult to place a value on these quilts due to their unique nature, we want all of our supporters and friends of IBBR to have a chance to own one in our Essence of Bear Raffle. Charlotte & Kay have made that possible by allowing us to raffle them to help raise funds to support the bears in rehab. Rules are simple:

Quilts make a great Valentines gift even though we couldn’t start the raffle in time for Valentines Day. We are so excited to offer the opportunity to own one of these amazing quilts. Good luck to everyone & thank you for participating.

Click the links below to see the quilts!