Thank you for stepping into the world of bear cubs. We think of bears as powerful predators, elusive shadows, or mysterious creatures of the woods. For many, an experience with a bear means a visit to the local zoo or a brief glimpse while hiking. Bears embody many moods, personalities, attitudes, behaviors, and traits. As with people, bears are different during the various stages of their lives. I have the opportunity to get to know them intimately during the first eighteen months of their life. That is the knowledge and expertise I can share as a wildlife rehabilitator. After the bears leave here, they take charge of their own life and take their place in the population. I'll leave it to the bear experts and biologists studying bears in their natural habitat to share their knowledge of bears in the wild.

Having been a wildlife rehabilitator since 1978, I had no idea of the life changing experience that was about to land on my doorstep. It happened in May, 1989 and arrived in the form of a tiny, very adorable bundle of fur and claws, a living, breathing teddy bear....or so I thought. Within two weeks of his arrival, I knew Ruggles was going to change my life drastically. This teddy bear in disguise became a full fledged bear and I was on the ride of my life. Each hour, each day, each minute was unlike anything I'd known in my years as wildlife rehabilitator. Each new day was more exciting than the last and most of all, I was appreciating life more than ever before. I knew my world now belonged to bears.

Since then, I have shared the life of many orphaned cubs, each one different, each one teaching me something new, each one an experience unlike the others. It's been both a blessing and a privilege to share the world of orphaned bear cubs since the day Ruggles arrived. Through this web site, I invite you to join me in a personal journey with some wonderfully amazing bears. It is my hope to share with you a side of bears that few ever know.

Recently, a very special friend asked me "Why bears"? What is it about bears that makes them so different?" I'd been asked that question many times. It's easy enough to answer and certainly there are many reasons. This time the question came from someone I value a great deal. It was important to give him an answer with more than just the surface words. I searched inside for the core of why bears touched me so deeply and intensely. I'll leave you with those thoughts. Thank you for visiting and sharing my world of bears.