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This section is designed specifically for wildlife managers, bear biologists, bear projects, state wildlife agencies, and wildlife rehabilitators. It is currently under construction. In the near future, we will have data and updates on released bears, information of interest to those working with bears, and a place to ask questions or exchange information.

If you are with a state agency interested in starting a bear rehab program in your state, or would like to send cubs to us for rehab, we would be happy to help in whatever way we can. For neighboring states wishing to transport orphans to us for rehab, IBBR will provide rehab and cover all the expenses while the cub is here. Providing volunteers are available, we can arrange to meet you part way to transport the cubs the rest of the way to Idaho. Whenever possible we will assist with the return of the cub and the release. John Beecham heads up our release team. Either John or Sally can answer any questions concerning denning procedures or spring release.

Although we are happy to rehab the cubs, Idaho requires that we return all out of state orphaned cubs to their home state for release. We will arrange import permits to send to you for transporting the cub across state lines. A certificate of health to verify that a veterinarian has visually looked at the cub and the cub appears healthy enough to transport is also required. Contact Sally Maughan directly to make arrangements. If you have additional questions about the import permit or health requirements that Sally can't answer, she can put you in touch with our own veterinarian, Dr. Tim Murphy or our state wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Mark Drew.

If you have questions on the bear program, bear rehab, release methods, help starting your own rehab program or want to know when this section is available, please e-mail us below. Thank you.