Bearly Spring R&R 2012

As part of our efforts to continue to affect positive change in the lives of individual bears and world-wide bear populations, we are starting our Second annual Bearly Spring R&R (release and repair J) campaign which will focus on IBBR's current cubs getting ready for their release in the next few months. We're asking for your help and support in getting our current cubs, Kapalua and Hewech back home for release and their second chance at freedom. Costs associated with the release of Kapalua and Hewech are currently projected at $750.00 for each cub. This includes getting our transport truck ready for travel, round-trip fuel costs – over 1200 miles round trip (Oregon and Utah cubs), possibly two nights of lodging for transport team (hrs of driving time and bear care – need some rest), and bless their hearts, some repairs to the enclosures from Kapaula's and Hewech's mischievous bear activities J Sally knows that these cubs want to leave their IBBR surroundings even better for the next group of orphans, so they've included some small improvements ideas for keeping the next group dry, warm & cozy. Please contact us at if you would like to contribute to this year's Bearly Spring R&R campaign.

Thank you,


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