Bear Links

For a really amazing video experience, visit the BEARTREK website and watch the three videos Chris Morgan and his team have shared. I have known Chris for many years and the work Chris and the BEARTREK team are doing is fantastic. IBBR has released so many orphaned cubs over the years.  Each one is special except none of our cubs have been held captive in small cages like the Sun Bear you will see on the 20 minute demo reel.  Sharing his first time touching dirt, playing with leaves and trees, and all the things that should have been his long before he was ten months old brought me to tears.  To experience those first moments of freedom clearly explains without any words why we are so devoted to bear rehab.  In a way, it gave me a new and even deeper view of what rehabbing these cubs is about. I felt a part of him during those moments.  I felt his joy, his excitement, his wonder at how good life had suddenly become. I felt his first moment of realizing what is was to be a bear. If you want to experience that same sense of "this is what it's all about" as we do on the releases, watch the demo reel.  Be sure to check back for new video from the BEARTREK team as they film the worlds bears!!